Family camping trips can be a lot of fun and a great way for the family to bond. However, too much togetherness could ruin what may be a wonderful vacation. 2 room tents can allow your family to bond and provide you with some needed privacy. But with so many different types of tents for camping how do you decide which of the many available 2 room best family tents may be right for your family? Here are some simple guidelines that will make finding the perfect tent a little bit easier.

Consider Size

While tents are great for those family camping trips you have to remember that once that divider is closed in those two room tents each room will be smaller than when the tent is opened into one room. Providing enough room for your entire family plus those extras that kids drag along is essential to everyone being able to relax and have a great time. So, make sure your tent is large enough to be comfortable.

Tents for camping are rated by the number of people they are designed to hold. However, you need to remember that the number of people is defined by how many sleeping bags can be fit inside. In rating these tents in this manner there is no consideration for the extras that everyone needs. A rule of thumb is to get a tent rated 2 people larger than the size of your family but, if your family brings a lot of extras then you may want to double the size of your tent to insure that everyone has the space they need.


Of course it really isn’t going to matter how large your tent actually is if it isn’t durable enough to protect you and your family from the weather. So make sure that the tent you choose has ample ground stakes and enough guy wires to keep your tent from blowing away in a good wind. Also make sure that your tent either has a rain cover or you bring along an additional tarp to design your own. This will help to keep your tent dry on those wet rainy days.


Before you ever go shopping for one of those 2 room tents look at your budget and set the price you can afford to spend for your tent. 2 room tents come in various price ranges and knowing what your price range is will make finding the right tent easier. Once your price range is set then go for the best tent you can afford as you are going to want this tent to last you at least a few years.

Finding the right camping tent at the right price is really not as difficult as you might think. There are plenty of companies that manufacture tents for family camping which should give you a large selection to choose from. Now you and your family can enjoy a wonderful weekend of togetherness without you having to give up your privacy.

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Booking a holiday rental villa is rapidly becoming the one thing for an increasing number of individuals and their families. In essence opting for this vacation accommodation choice, this offers a totally private sanctuary for the duration of your holiday. Villas are also more spacious than hotels and can conveniently accommodate you and your loved ones. However, to obtain a dream villa rental holiday, there are some critical factors that come into play. Below are some tips that can assist you in going about this process.


Determine just what really matters

Before commencing your villa rental search, take time to ask yourself the following questions. “Do you relish adventure?”, “Are you ok with trading comfort and certainty (hotels) for an opportunity to veer off your comfort zone?”, “Do you have sufficient patience and perseverance to deal with the language barrier that you will most likely encounter?” If the answer to any of these queries is yes, then renting a vacation villa can be just the thing for you.

Select your rental villa meticulously

It can be challenging to find the ideal property in the wide category of villa rentals. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t despair. There are numerous websites that are solely dedicated to help travelers to obtain the best possible deal. Some of which include AirBnB,, TravelMob and many more others. All of them offer authoritative search rankings as well as peer reviews that can act as your guiding beacon.

Saving time in your online villa rental search

Villas comes in a wide range of styles. There are magnificent tree-houses that are located in the middle of a jungle, eco-friendly properties or affluent dream villas next to a beach. After deciding just what features and amenities you wish for, you can then utilize the advanced filter search tool that most villa rental firms provide on their sites. For instance, if a swimming pool is totally indispensable to you, key in the phrase “swimming pool” so as to shortlist all viable options.

Carry out property review evaluation

Great villa rentals are noted for accruing more than positive reviews. Take time to skim through past guest reviews and be on the lookout for indicators of the exact experience you are bound to receive.

Additional villa rental tips

There are also other issues you need to determine prior to committing yourself. For example does the villa provide double or single beds? Does it have air conditioning? Will you have to deal with mosquitoes, and if so, do they provide mosquito coils or do they fumigate the villa surroundings? If internet access is a priority to you, what kind of connectivity will you get?

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Traveling is usually a time for new adventures, meeting new people and getting to know other cultures. The excitement that comes with traveling may be lost if travel safety tips are ignored for one reason or the other, leading to an unfortunate bad encounter. Therefore, traveling safe is important and the following are helpful travel safety tips that will guide you during your next traveling experience.

Before leaving for your journey

Research about where you are going. This will help you to anticipate the security status of your destination, a new culture or language. Consequently, you may practice a few words of the new language which may help be a life saver to use the in case you get lost. If you will be driving, check and ensure that your vehicle is in a good state. You will not want your vehicle breaking down in the middle of nowhere and put yourself in danger. During packing, pack light however do not forget your identification documents, entertainment in case you get bored, snacks in case you get hungry so that you do not fall into the temptation of eating a stranger’s food. Also ensure that your luggage is labelled with your name and number at the bus station. Also avoid carrying dangerous weapons that may put you in trouble with authorities.

During your journey

Do not accept food or packages from strangers. Keep an eye on your belongings and avoid sharing your travel plans with strangers. Avoid showing off your affluence, like too much jewelry or flashing out your open wallet when buying or checking something. Report any suspicious activity as this could be a security threat. If you are having car trouble, avoid help from strangers except police officers or authorized personnel. Keep your bank cards in different places. If you put them all together and they get lost. Also make sure to take a spare set of keys, other wise you may end up stranded in a strange place and have to call a locksmith.

Upon your arrival

If you had booked a hotel room, keep the door locked at all times if you are not expecting visitors. Also, it is important to find out where the fire exit and extinguisher are, should anything happen. Avoid accepting rides from strangers. You might find yourself in the wrong hands. If you are robbed, avoid resisting. Instead, give out your wallet and submit as resistance may lead to being injured or being shot at. Lastly keep a low profile and have fun.

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old hotel bell

So to begin with, one of the most important things to do when deciding to travel, especially overseas, is to book accommodation from early on. And my advice is the sooner the better, as expenses are much cheaper that way. However, you should reassure a free ticket cancellation just in case! Now, when booking a hotel make sure breakfast is included, always in reasonable prices, and if traveling with your family and kids you could as well request a children’s menu (that of course depends on the hotel). Also, I highly recommend when booking a hotel to always Google search it’s location.

lf located centrally it may cost a bit more but this way you also save money and time. Therefore, always do your research as in every city there are some cheap rental holiday options available. Make sure that a bus or train station is nearby so you won’t have to walk long distances to get from one place to another. Learn the proper check-in and check-out times at the hotel. You should also ask the hotel’s staff for direction, a local map and a card with the hotel’s name, address and phone number on it, so you can show it to a taxi driver or even a passer-by in case you get lost.

Furthermore, you should check online if the neighborhood is safe and that the hotel room provides air conditioning, if you travel during summer break. Moreover, always check reviews and photos of the room to see if the hotel lives up to what it says it’s like.

Speaking of hotels, TripAdvisor are highly suggested sites, being among the top online hotel booking sites, offering free cancellation in most cases.

Now, when you do get to the hotel and realize you aren’t fond of the room, either with the luxuries provided, the bed, the size of the room or the bathroom, feel free to ask the reception if they have a room to spare. They will offer to move you to another room, because believe me no hotel wants a bad review from a customer!

Last but not least, safety should be a high priority for everyone, so take some precautions. When going out for the day, confirm closing time to either leave your key at the hotel’s reception desk or take it with you, if plan to stay out late. So guys, hope I have provided you with some good travel accommodation tips that will come in handy! Have a great holiday!

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